25 Ways To Support Small Businesses

September 29, 2023

There are so many simple ways you can make a difference to the success of a small business!

In 2022, small businesses (0-49 employees) made up 99.2% of the total private business sector. So, in recognition of Google's 25th Birthday, here's a handy reminder list from Google Small Business, which identifies 25 simple, yet extremely effective, ways for everyone to help support small businesses succeed and prosper amidst today's economic challenges.

Help them to help us - it's a mutually beneficial thing!

Check out the list:

  1. Shop local
  2. Leave positive reviews
  3. Refer your friends
  4. Follow them on social media
  5. Share their content on social media
  6. Give them a shoutout on social media
  7. Purchase gift cards
  8. Purchase products or services
  9. Subscribe to emails
  10. Offer to be a brand ambassador
  11. Become a “Regular”
  12. Share photos of products and services
  13. Sign up for newsletters
  14. Engage with their social media posts
  15. Share their success stories
  16. Offer constructive feedback
  17. Donate to their causes or fundraisers
  18. Order takeout or delivery from local restaurants
  19. Shop from their website
  20. Join loyalty programs
  21. Gift their products to friends
  22. Mentor aspiring entrepreneurs
  23. Cheer them on
  24. Treat them with kindness
  25. Encourage others to support small businesses