Am I A BID Member Business?

October 29, 2021

We've been asked a couple of times recently what it means when we refer to businesses in Witham's industrial estates as 'BID member businesses' or 'member businesses'.

The answer is simple really:  These are collective terms we have adopted when we talk about any of the 250+ businesses operating from any of Witham's industrial estates, an area which enjoys a Government-backed status as a Business Improvement District - a BID.  If you have premises on Witham's industrial estates, you are automatically part of the Witham BID, and therefore you are automatically one of our 'BID member businesses' or 'member businesses'.

What is a BID?
BID stands for "Business Improvement District". This scheme was introduced by the Government in the early 2000's.  By awarding BID status to identified business communities, it generates additional support for those organisations, through project and service driven initiatives, all managed by a central organisation.  The BID status is awarded on a 5 year term and all businesses involved in the defined area are invited to submit their vote in support of renewing the status for each term.  By default, if you are operating a business from premises on Witham's industrial estates, you are currently a BID member business.

Is it optional?
No - once the BID is in place (through an estates-wide voting process), all businesses within the BID zone are automatically part of the BID and contributing to the inititiative through a small levy payment based on their individual business rates.  Involvement is not optional once the business-wide vote for the BID term proves successful.  The levy payment is managed by Braintree District Council and businesses will receive invoices direct from them.

As part of the Witham Business Improvement District, the organisations, together, create a significantly sized business community, which Witham Industrial Watch Ltd is proud to support.

Where does Witham Industrial Watch fit in?
Witham Industrial Watch Ltd is delighted to be the central organisation looking after the BID status for the Witham industrial estates.  Now in its third term, the overwhelming support of the votes received at the most recent renewal in 2019 has enabled us to continue working on behalf of all the businesses, large and small, throughout this extensive area.

Why have a BID?
Why is BID status necessary for Witham's industrial estates?  Without funding and centralised management of area-specific projects and services, the industrial estates are at high risk of severe deterioration from increased crime, litter and fly-tipping abuse, traffic flow issues, decreased safety provisions, and no sense of a community environment across the industrial estates.

With WIW Ltd looking after the BID on behalf of the businesses, all such measures are carefully assessed, monitored, maintained and developed, helping to minimise the negative challenges and maximise the combined benefits for the organisations within this community.

Want to learn more?
For more details please take a look at our previous 2019-2024 proposal document.