Bairds Malt - Did You Realise ...

August 23, 2023

We were intrigued to watch a video from Bairds Malt which demonstrated the time and trouble they take in assessing the grain before it even gets considered for malting, right from when it's still growing.  This led us to find out more about the WHOLE business and we were fascinated to discover so much more about what they do, the malting processes, their history and the immense scale of their multi-site operation.

You can see the video/Reel which we shared on our Facebook page.

We're proud to note that the head office for Bairds Malt is in Witham's industrial estate and in addition to producing 48,000 tonnes of malt for brewing and distilling customers in the UK and abroad, it's also home to a specialist 'Roast House', producing approximately 8,000 tonnes of speciality malts!  You can see the whole malt process explained on their website.

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