Be aware - Bike thieves are about

May 15, 2017

The theft of a bicycle is frustrating and costly - whether the bike is used while delivering papers, to get to work, to school or for pleasure.  It takes just seconds for an unattended, unlocked bike to be stolen from outside a house, factory or shop and despite the best cctv resources it is not always easy to identify the thieves.  The industrial areas in Witham have had an increase in the theft of bicycles this year and unfortunately stolen cycles are rarely found.

We have listed some tips from Cycling UK that may help to minimise the risk:

  • Lock the bike with a good quality lock – this could deter the opportunist thief but not a “professional”. Cycling organisations’ web sites provide information about locking devices
  • Think about how you lock the bike and if you lock it to something immovable: don’t make it easy for the thief to lift the bike over the immoveble stake or post.
  • Criminals like privacy so they can work on the lock away from the public view; ideally avoid tucking the bike out of sight, it may be safer in an area covered by cctv
  • Some people identify and register their bike with an approved organisation
  • Etching your postcode on the bike frame is useful – how else will the police know it is your bike – it may be found in another part of the country
  • Some people remove the saddles – people will steal quality saddles and the lack of a saddle gives the thief a very uncomfortable ride!
  • Photos are always useful especially if there are unusual features or marks on the cycle; it is also worth taking photographs of other items that might be stolen:  garden equipment, jewellery or a precious silver tankard

If your bike is stolen here are some suggestions:

  • Cycling UK recommend - dial 999 if theft in progress and there is a chance of catching the thief
  • Dial 101 to report a bike has been stolen – get an incident number
  • Report to your insurance company
  • Share the news of the theft on social media. 

If you are in the Witham Industrial Watch area please tell David, the estate manager