British Gymnastics Hardship Grant

October 21, 2021

A helping hand opened on 19th October from the British Gymnastics Foundation which opened its fourth round of Hardship Grant funding to support those most affected by the pandemic.

If you need help with your child's gymnastics fees and associated costs, please visit their page:

British Gymnastics understands that when people experience financial hardship or crisis that all too often it can result in them missing out on important opportunities which can transform their lives. Here at the British Gymnastics Foundation, we are committed to opening doors for people who are experiencing exceptionally difficult times. Our work in the area of hardship has two strands:

The Hardship Grants Programme provides financial assistance to British Gymnastics members to help them continue participating in gymnastics.

Life changing gymnastics projects for people who are most in need such as leadership programmes helping people on the road to a career in sport

So whether you are a member of British Gymnastics and are struggling to continue with your passion for gymnastics, or you are in real need of a life-changing kick-start and think that gymnastics might be the answer the British Gymnastics Foundation can help.