Burglaries – deter the thieves and stop them stealing from us

December 2, 2019

November is reported to be one of the “most popular” times for burglary, at home and in commercial and industrial premises, but we think that December is a close second.  Darker days give thieves an opportunity to snoop around to loosen fencing posts or panels and prepare for thefts. It’s worth leaving a light on a timer at home.

Witham industrial estates is well covered with cctv and has very active estate managers; but business owners also need to be extra vigilant over the next few weeks.  Alerts about vehicles touring the estates and making an unexpected call at business premises always causes concern; thieves and their scouts are looking for their next opportunity to access a property, steal some equipment, a bike, fuel or products which can cause disruption to the business. 

If it seems suspicious, it probably is suspicious – just alert the police and then Witham Industrial Watch managers, so that we can warn other businesses.

Please check that all your cctv cameras are working and recording effectively; the autumn spiders seem to love the safe hub of a camera, both outside and inside a building.