Carbon Cutting Essex - A New App To Help You Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

May 31, 2023

Updated: Essex saw the launch of a pioneering app to help us all to calculate our carbon footprint - Carbon Cutting Essex.  It took place online on 22 May - International Day for Biological Diversity.

If you missed the launch event, you can now watch the recording and hear from the great collection of speakers who were talking all things 'Carbon Cutting Essex'!

Essex County Council explained: "The app will also suggest small changes which we can make to reduce it through our daily lifestyles. Essex County Council has worked with Greenreedem to develop the county's first ever climate action app. 
The app comes a year after the Council launched its three Climate Action Advice Packs for residents, businesses and schools, which provide a wealth of practical top tips and advice on actions which we can all take to reduce our carbon footprint. 

From eating more plant-based foods to recycling and swapping our cars for more sustainable forms of travel, such as walking and cycling, there are hundreds of ways in which we can all take action which will all add up to make an accumulative impact in transforming Essex to become a net zero county.

As well as helping to reduce our carbon footprint, many of these daily actions, such as reducing energy consumption in our homes and at work, can also help us to save money.

The app will provide fun activities and focus on a variation of themes each month around climate action including food, waste, transport and energy. It will also motivate positive actions by providing points and rewards. This is an exciting new milestone for our county and we look forward to seeing the app next month!"

Download the app:
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