Don’t hide the traffic lights

June 30, 2016

We are having a “lush” summer with amazing growth on hedges and foliage next to paths and road signs.  David, our estate manager, is on the case and often has to remind the Council or a local business of the need to trim back the growth so that pedestrians can walk to work safely without the urge to step into the road to avoid ducking under branches.  Hidden traffic lights and road signs can also be a problem when overtaken by green leaves and waving branches.  Thieves love foliage that hides their activities.


Squatting – just be aware

Our local crime prevention officer alerted members that there was a recent local case where “certain people” occupied a building so they had squatters’ rights. Squatting law requires proof that someone has been displaced by squatters occupying a building. It is illegal to break into a building but it can be hard to prove who broke in.