Empty your van/car before someone else does

December 21, 2016

Thefts from vans – day or night – cause loss of earnings and serious disruption to small businesses.  The theft of power tools, easy to sell equipment and useful hedge cutters means a loss of tools of the trade especially if your insurers are reluctant to pay out a claim. In a recent case a colleague only discovered the policy, that he understood would cover his tools of business, only covered the computer - not the tools of his particular business – power tools and lawn mowers.  If someone says you are covered it is wise to get confirmation in writing.

The Police and WIW have a long list of hints and tips to deter thieves such as:

Don’t tempt thieves by leaving items visible in your car or van,

Do lock vehicle doors at all times, even when carrying out work nearby or delivering goods. 

Do park so that rear doors of van are up against a garage door or wall to prevent easy access

Be aware that when you press the fob to lock your car, check that the doors are locked; unfortunately someone could be nearby with a “remote blocker” and stop your car from locking.


Keep safe and try to deter the thieves.