Essex Green Skills Pledge - Commit Today

July 14, 2023

Essex Opportunities have introduced the Essex Green Skills Pledge:  Organisations of all shapes and sizes are invited to pledge to take up to 8 actions from a predefined list, committing them to delivering skills for a net-zero Essex.

In 2019, there were 2,933 green jobs in Essex. This is expected to grow to 5,751 by 2030. Help is needed to foster skills to fill these vacancies.  So, regardless of whether you commit to 1 or all 8 actions, by embracing the Essex Green Skills Pledge you will be proactively contributing to the future success of a net-zero Essex.

What are the Essex Green Skills Pledge actions?

  • Work collaboratively to increase investment in upskilling and the transition to net zero.
  • Join up resources and collaborate on green skills initiatives to align the skills system with business needs.
  • Support and incentivise employees to invest in green skills and training throughout their working lives.
  • Use expertise, skills and experience to combat climate change and share best practice in green skills development. 
  • Contribute to the public debate on climate change and use the power of our example to encourage others.  
  • Work across industries and sectors to improve working practices and find practical solutions to green skills challenges. 
  • Educate employees, managers, learners and residents about the impact of their daily lives on the environment. 
  • Publish a five-year Action Plan outlining steps to support green skills development.

In addition to opening up opportunities for some really positive publicity, every business that makes the pledge (a very simple form completion) will receive an exclusive resource pack and support to deliver their pledge(s).

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