Festive time for thieves – let’s deter them

December 12, 2018

Protecting your business From Essex Police

5 minutes for 5 tips  

CHECK - make sure that when you leave the premises, that all doors and windows are locked, with keys kept out of sight in a secure area. Fit quality doors and door frames that are reinforced with bolts and bars.

Visible CCTV and intruder alarms will deter burglars.  For more information about securing your business premises visit Essex.police.uk/secure and ico.org.uk

INFORM your staff about the burglary prevention measures in your premises and the correct way to use the security equipment.  Explain to staff the importance of looking out for suspicious people.

CASH - ensure any money us emptied and removed regularly from the till.  The drawers should be left open when emptied, with charity boxers anchored to the counter or locked away when not in use.

PROTECT portable high value goods.  Before installing a new safe, contact your insurance company for advice to make sure it meets their current standards.