Get Safe Online - Understand Your Digital Footprint

May 19, 2023

Wise words of warning from Essex Trading Standards have been shared, together with top tips to help you "Get Safe Online":

"Most of us take using the internet for granted, but do we know how much our digital footprint reveals about us and our online activity?

Every time you use visit a website, send or receive a message or email, buy or book anything online, comment on a post, upload a photo or find directions on your phone, you’re adding to your digital footprint. When you stream music, make a video call or use a smart speaker, that adds to your digital footprint too.

And when you post a photo of your children or friends, you’re also adding to their digital footprint, even though they may not have agreed to it.

One of the commonplace consequences of having a digital footprint seeing an ad for something you’ve searched for online on your social media feed, or as a pop up. But there can be other, more serious outcomes too. Like when you don’t make the shortlist for a job because a prospective employer has seen something you posted five years ago. When you’re scammed because you’ve inadvertently shared some confidential details. Or when somebody sells on your personal information to a third party."

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