Has WIW broken the record?  8 Defibs!

May 6, 2016

Is there any other industrial area of a similar size to the Witham Industrial Estates with 8 life saving defibrillators? If you have more, congratulations and do let us know. 

On Tuesday 26th April Glen Townley of Simarco, a survivor of a major medical incident, cut the ribbon on the 8th new defibrillator to be installed on Witham Industrial Estates in the last few weeks.   Martin Render of Community Heartbeat Trust spoke about the vital need for these machines that can help to save lives.  Neil Jesse MD  of Village Glass thanked Martin for his practical support and for providing excellent training sessions for over 100 people; there is still another session for anyone interested - using a defibrillator and knowledge of CPR.  

The Mayor of Witham Cllr Bill Rose congratulated everyone involved including the companies such as Windsor Material Handling that had provided a site and power for each unit.  The 8 defibrillators, funded by WIW BID are positioned across the main industrial estates in Witham and will be available for employees and visitors who may have need of them in an emergency 24/7.