Help With Alternative Heating Options

February 3, 2023

We picked up on a promo post from Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy which highlights opportunities for households to gain financial support in changing over to heat pumps for their heating and hot water provisions.

We wanted to share as it could be the boost you need to make the transition to a cheaper, more renewable alternative a reality in your home.

The post reads:

The future of home heating is heat pumps, and they’re here today.

Marinette was inspired by her son and his partner to adopt a green lifestyle.  "I wanted to significantly reduce my carbon footprint, so I decided to get rid of gas for my central heating and hot water”.  She replaced her boiler with a heat pump and has been impressed with how it works.

Installing a heat pump is a great investment for efficient, clean energy. Save £5,000 off the cost of replacing your oil or gas boiler with a heat pump.

Find out more: Visit Campaign info page

Check eligibility: Visit GOV.UK Eligibility page

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