How To Protect Your Customers’ Data - Webinar

February 23, 2023

Data protection and cybsersecurity should always be a key element of consideration for every business.  We are always trying to find ways to support the businesses we serve across Witham's industrial estates, including identifying training and education opportunities.

We spotted this 1-hour webinar on offer from Small Business Britain, Lloyds Bank Academy & Brian Chappell, which takes place online at 11.00am on 2 March and explores the opportunities cybersecurity offers.  They say:

Data protection & cybersecurity controls are an essential part of business resilience, and are growing more important by the day! IT systems help us do business better, while data protection & cybersecurity help us to do business continuously. The sooner the controls & safety measures are in place, the sooner they become part of the business, which is now a secure business.

You'll learn:
- An overview of the basics of cybersecurity & the controls and actions that are available to everyone
- How these controls & actions can be applied to customer data
- A high-level review of data protection regulations, to give a view of the objectives of the legislation and the scope in their applicability (not legal advice)

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