Latest crime in the area – lead thefts from businesses

March 29, 2018

Spring is here accompanied by an increase in theft and disruption to business.  One crime that is new to the Witham industrial area, but may have happened elsewhere, is stealing lead from the roof of a factory or business premises.  We tend to assume that most criminals are stealing lead from churches, where there may be a large quantity of quality lead that may not be monitored by cameras.

Business owners may not realise thieves have been on the roof.  It may be several days before the result of the theft of lead is noticed and it is not until the rain comes through the ceiling onto valuable machinery or computers that an investigation takes place.  The disruption to the business is another cost companies do not need.

Alert security staff may notice that “something” is not quite right – a ladder in the wrong place, extra dirt, bits of lead and rubbish round the building – there may be no sign of forced entry, no skips or materials stolen – so check the flashings and just be aware that lead can be turned into cash by the unscrupulous.