Looking Wonderful for Winter

November 19, 2021

(Video to View) Nature has been busy around the estates these last few months, so we've contracted Skippers Ground Maintenance to provide a winter clear up in the most affected areas, which aren't currently being attended to by Braintree District Council/Essex Highways.  Priority has been given to stretches along Eastways, Colchester Road, Freebournes and Freebournes/Colchester Road junction.

  • The work on the pavement section along Eastways, running parallel with the boundary of Euroview Architectural Glass, has been transformed!  As a result of all the cutting back and clearing, the pavement access has been significantly widened and now provides a much safer area for pedestrians/staff using this busy access area on the Eastways industrial estate.
  • The work on the stretch of Colchester Road leading up to Catholic Bridge has also produced a much safer environment for those walking on this extremely busy link road - no longer a need for pedestrians to step out into the road to avoid those overgrown, low-hanging hedgrows/trees!
  • The trimming work undertaken along a section of Freebournes Road has resolved our visual line of sight for our CCTV cameras, so we now have a much clearer view to monitor activity in the area, helping to keep the associated businesses safe.
  • The final element of our 'Looking Wonderful for Winter' project will be completed over the next couple of weeks, bringing the area at the Colchester Road/Freebournes Road junction back up to scratch after its major overhaul earlier in the summer.

Our landscaping work not only helps to make the industrial estates safer for pedestrians and businesses, it also ensures we retain a pleasant working environment for the 250+ businesses which make up our vibrant industrial estate community.