New Funding means more cameras

September 15, 2015

Match funding of £25,000 has been received from Braintree District Council (BDC) after hard fought negotiations by WIW’s directors.  The funds have enabled 16 new cctv cameras to be installed, some will provide increased coverage at the entrance to the town giving more opportunities to identify the movements of potential criminals and to act as a deterrent.

A small percentage of the match funding will be allocated to “tidying up” some parts of the industrial estates; the smarter the area the less attractive it is to criminals and the nicer for the people who work in the area.

WIW will work with the BDC to encourage other industrial areas in the Braintree district to create safer and cleaner estates by introducing a Business Improvement Development scheme.  It just takes a small dedicated team of people with a passion to reduce crime and the enthusiasm of the local police to develop a successful BID. 

A huge “thank you” to all involved in achieving the recent funding and to those companies who allow WIW to access to their premises and power supplies.