Parking: the car at rest versus lorry movements

December 22, 2014

Parking issues on industrial estates, especially in Witham, seem to exercise a great deal of discussion but little resolution that can suit all parties. The issues in Witham have been exacerbated by the estates proximity to the station used by London commuters and the recent influx of workers at a large office block.

HGVs need 24 hour access to premises across the estates and the driver of the small saloon probably has little understanding of the problems they cause by parking too close to a corner or the entrance to an industrial site. Following an extensive review WIW is adopting a three step approach to the matter:

1. Placing polite notices on certain vehicles, with a photo or diagram, asking them to park elsewhere as they are causing an obstruction when HGV are turning.

2. Working with the Council’s Partnership Parking team to consider ways of overcoming the problem; but WIW are aware that the Partnership Parking team may want to encourage more yellow lines and see drivers as a potential source of additional revenue.
3. The construction of additional hard parking spaces on the muddy verge; but this might be too expensive for WIW if underground services have to be moved.

Trying to understand the needs of the industrial site workers who may arrive in the early hours of the morning, leave late at night, use their car for a lunchtime break or feel safer parking close to their works takes time, and the WIW estate manager has been talking to many of the people involved. Compromise takes longer.