Personal Safety Alert - #StaySmartStaySafe

August 16, 2023

DON'T BE SCAMMED! Two men, impersonating police officers, have allegedly attempted to search a young girl and her friend in Great Bardfield recently.  Both men were dressed in all black with black t-shirts and body protection vests.  The incident was posted on a local community forum - Next Door.

The post detailed: "They said they needed to search my friend as there was a claim of trespassing - even though we had just left her house. We said that she did not agree to it as she was a minor and asked to see their credentials. After refusing they got in their car and drove off."

Luckily, the girls had their wits about them by asking for ID, which was enough to scare them off.  The matter has been reported to the police and details of the car they used have also been provided for further investigation.

Whilst this incident is not absolutely local to Witham, it is a situation which could occur anywhere.  Please make your friends and family aware of this terrible scam.  It can be simple to counter, by asking for credentials, but when presented with alleged persons of authority in this convincing manner, not everyone would have the thought to check.