Preparing for Growth During a Recession - Webinar

November 3, 2023

Thanks to Essex Backing Business, there's a free 2-hour webinar available for all businesses in Essex to join online at 9.30-11.30am on Wednesday, 8th November 2023. 

It covers everything that businesses need to think about when planning for their growth in a challenging economic environment.

Topics in this webinar fall into three subject areas:

  • People & Products
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Planning

These topics will include the following discussions.:

  • Mindset - How to face the challenge of difficult economic times, facing change, & who will be the winners and losers?
  • People – Attraction, retention, diversity, inclusion and workplace health.
  • Innovation & Repurposing - Your products and services, new ideas, innovation, digital, & Research & Development.
  • Brand & Purpose – Creation, communication and memorability.
  • Marketing - Where, to whom, and how often
  • Sales Journey and Cycle – How to increase sales conversion rates.
  • Collaboration – How other businesses can help your business
  • Resilience – How to look for efficiencies and have a strong supply chain
  • Planning - Having the journey mapped in detail.

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