What We Do To Help Restart Hearts

October 15, 2021

During our weekly defibrillator checks, we look at all the equipment and support accessories, reporting back to a system which has direct access by the emergency serivces. 

(It's also good to know that a protective mask doubles-up to keep you warm in the cold mornings during the checks!)

In case you didn't realise, we have installed 8 defibrillators at strategic points across the industrial estates, providing easy access to emergency equipment should an incident occur.  The equipment is checked by WIW Ltd on a weekly basis, to ensure continued reliability and speedy maintenance if necessary.

Restart A Heart Day Resources:

Download Official poster

View a short video on CPR

Read a quick reference checklist


Come rain or shine, we help to make sure these vital pieces of equipment are ready for use in the case of an emergency.