Scammer alert – Amazon Prime

December 2, 2019

Scammers seem very inventive as to how they gain access to your computer and for smaller businesses it may seem quite reasonable that as small amount under £50 could be due.  This week there was a different tack – instead of “there is a fault on your computer”, one of our members was told: “your Amazon Prime account is due for renewal and £39… will be taken from your account”.  

Not wishing to pay £39.. was just what they wanted to hear; as the plausible female caller with a strong overseas accent, asked if the computer was on, it wasn’t, she then asked for the mobile to be unlocked.  As soon as she realised that they could not gain access to the computer or mobile she hung up; their number was recorded. 

Early morning, lunchtime and early evening seem to be a prime times for scammers

Details of the fraudsters and a link to report their actions is available online.