The BT Sustainability Festival 2023

August 10, 2023

We all know how vital it is to engage with the broad topic of sustainability and its People, Planet, Prosperity, 'Three Ps' ethos.  So here's an event we discovered, from BT, that could really help pull things together for all our local businesses! 

This could be just the event to help you further develop your existing business sustainability plans, or even provide you with that missing bit of inspiration, confidence or comprehension you need, to take the first steps on your sustainability journey.

It's completely free and you can attend the event in person or virtually from the comfort of your own computer.  So, lots of boxes ticked all round and a fantastic opportunity to understand more from the experts.

It takes place at Adastral Park, Ipswich on Wednesday, 13th September from 9.00am.

Sustainability Festival Highlights:

Key macro trends driving ESG & sustainability

Understanding legislation and regulation, while investing in key technology and people is crucial in creating a sustainable future. During the BT Sustainability Festival you'll be able to explore this topic and understand how it can impact your organisation.

Sustainable supply chains

No matter the sector, supply chains play a significant role in how sustainable an organisation is. Through this focus area attendees will be able to dig into how a sustainable supply chain can transform a business or organisation of any size.

Efficient energy and sustainable operations

As the global community seeks to reduce environmental impact, businesses are looking at how innovation and technology can be used to create more sustainable and energy efficient operations. 


Bringing you keynote presentations and fireside chats with some of the top brains and industry leaders in sustainability.  The speaker include:

  • Sandeep Chandna, Chief Sustainability Officer, Tech Mahindra
  • Helen Clarkson, CEO, The Climate Group
  • James Cole, Chief Innovation Officer, CISL
  • Barbara Maigret, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Sustainability, Fortinet
  • Katie McGinty, Vice President and Chief Sustainability and External Relations Officer, Johnson Controls
  • Anna Nitch-Smith, Chief Operating Officer, CISL
  • Jesper Schleimann, Strategy & Innovation Officer, EMEA North, SAP
  • Thomas Schulte, Senior Vice President - Corporate Supply Chain Management Purchasing, Bosch
  • Gordon Thomson, Global Enterprise Networking Sales, Cisco

Technology exhibition

Explore how cutting-edge technology being developed by BT and its partners can support and drive a sustainable future across various sectors. Check back soon to find out who will be exhibiting at the festival.


Visit BT's world-renowned showcase facilities: themed spaces packed with new technology, and the University of Suffolk's Sustainable House project: a vision for the design, build and occupation of sustainable homes.

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