The Thieves are Active

November 9, 2015

Christmas is coming and thieves are active looking for items they can convert into cash so it is wise to be extra vigilant about security at home and in business at this time of year.  If someone says they are looking for pallets or waste for bonfires beware as their eyes will soon spot other more valuable property that might be of interest to them.  David, the estate manager, is always reacting to alerts about unwelcome visitors or suspicious behaviour; he can track the movement of unwelcome visitors by the network of CCTV cameras.  Please continue to pass on alerts of vehicles that appear to be “out of place” or drivers who say they are “lost”.

While we are busy at work in the factory or office, thieves find it an ideal time to break into our homes, perhaps we are less likely to challenge a “stranger” outside our home than on the industrial estates.  We often see a new house alarm and extra locks being fitted after a burglary; if we can deter the thieves before they break into our homes it will be better for us all.

Just a tip: photograph jewellery and precious items, if possible with a ruler beside them so it is easy to judge the height or the length of a necklace or the height of candlesticks if you have to make a claim.