Thieves aiming at new targets

June 30, 2016

It is reassuring the learn that there were no reports of crime on the Witham industrial estates over the last three months where ANPR, cctv and vigilance from everyone has deterred the casual burglar. 

However the local crime reduction officer has advised that dwelling burglaries have increased in the district over the past 6 months, in both rural and built-up areas and this can affect us all when we feel our homes are at risk. He is recommending that members should be careful to ensure UPVC doors are closed and locked by lifting the handle then turning the key; it is not enough to simply lift the handle. It is also wise to check on the type and quality of the locks that are used throughout the property.  Unfortunately burglars “work” 24/7 and they usually try entering via the rear of the property. He recommends that measures should be put in place to make accessing the back of a property difficult and to make it look as if the property is occupied.  When summer arrives be aware that open windows can be very inviting to the thief.

Good Tip

WIW members were urged to complete the Victim Impact Statement when reporting a crime, as this has been seen to make a difference to the severity of criminals’ sentences.