Tidy Estates + Safe Staff - We’re Solving It

September 17, 2021

See our new video on landscaping across our estates - it's not just about the look it's also a matter of safety.

We are constantly monitoring the estates for overgrown areas which could significantly affect the safety of pedestrians/staff making their way to work at the numerous businesses across our estates.  We also want to help keep the estates looking their best, making them a pleasant and more attractive area for businesses and staff to operate.

Whilst we liaise with Braintree District Council as much as possible, we recognise that it's not always possible for them to keep up with the rate of hedgerow/vegetation growth.  So, when an area becomes potentially dangerous or so overgrown it brings down the overall appearance of an estate, we step in to remedy the situation.

Whilst we cannot tend to every area in need of attention, we focus on communal areas which will generate the broadest benefit for staff and customers.

The photos show the before and after shots for a few of our many recent transformations.  the video gives an insight to the scale of work carried out by our contractor, Skippers Ground Maintenance (http://www.skippersgm.co.uk/), in order to achieve the exceptional finished look to the area.