Understanding Neurodiversity In Business - Webinar | 04/10/23 | 10am

September 27, 2023

This free webinar looks like it could be a really interesting event F:Entrepreneur. With 1 in 5 of us potentially being neurodivergent, it touches on a very important topic - something all businesses need to be considering when looking at ways to better meet the needs of their existing and potential staff and customers.

Date: 04/10/2023
Time: 10am
Venue: Online

From the organisers: 

"Did you know that it is believed that one in five of us could be Neurodivergent?  That means you are very likely to work with someone who is, or perhaps you are yourself. In this very special webinar, we will be unmasking Neurodiversity and hearing from three successful Neurodivergent business leaders about the reality, the misconceptions, how to work with Neurodivergent people to empower their strengths and support their challenges in the best way, as well as answer your questions."

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