WIW Actions & Achievements

August 22, 2018

Where the money goes but what will be next on the “wish list”?

Every business on the industrial estates within the WIW area has contributed to the success of Witham Industrial Watch.  Ten years or more ago the original “wish list” of the small team of enthusiasts who established WIW was to have:

A safer and cleaner place for companies and their workforce.   

Develop a reputation as a good place for business thus encouraging existing businesses to stay on the estates and attracting new businesses and employment opportunities to the town.

Today, the estates are monitored, criminal activity has been reduced and we encourage every incident to be reported; the cctv and ANPR are invaluable.  The installation of 8 defibrillators with training sessions for over 100 people is a huge asset to the area.

We have:

82 cctv cameras on the estates

Police monitored ANPR

Liaison system with Parking Partnership

Special gritting programme in winter

8 Defibrillators

Training courses on CPR and the use of defibrillators

Constant reporting and monitoring of incidents

Ability to lobby for specific points e.g. night lighting

Reassurance that WIW is a safer area

On site managers working with businesses

If you are a member - what will be on your “wish list” for the future?