October 22, 2014

Following the BID proposal and vote the WIW BID area was increased to encompass: Freebournes, Eastways (now including Rosewood), Crittall Road, Swanvale, Atlantic Square and Coleman’s Bridge.

The proposals outlined in the BID document that was sent to every business on the estates, outlines how the funds will be spent on the estates during the next five years - 2014 to 2019. These funds are collected by Braintree District Council but they are ring fenced so they can only be spent on the WIW BID area, the industrial areas outlined in the proposal.

Members are reminded of the importance of reporting immediately all suspicious behaviour to the police on the 101 number or 999 in an emergency. It is helpful if suspicious activity is also reported to David Cocker, the Manager of the estates for WIW, so that he can alert other businesses in the area.  Alerts to WIW members encourage everyone to be extra vigilant if a suspicious person is on the estates trying to gain access to premises, making enquiries about waste metal or appears to be checking out premises.