It’s A Yes for 2019-24

July 31, 2019

The result of the Business Improvement District (BID) vote has been announced.  It’s a resounding YES for another 5 year term for Witham Industrial Watch.

The percentage of YES votes by number is a fraction under 90% and by rateable value it was 93%.

“We are delighted with the result; it really is a recognition of the services and support Witham Industrial Watch gives to the businesses on the industrial estates,” said Kate Carling director of Witham Industrial Watch.   “We will be able to build on our experiences, upgrade the cctv camera technology when required and ensure that our estate managers are on site to advise and support members; and to chivvy the local authorities.  A huge “thank you” to those who voted and for those who have supported WIW: Priti Patel MP, Roger Hirst Police Fire and Crime Commissioner, The Mayor of Witham, BDC and local councillors as well as the Braintree police officers.  Our estate mangers are in the front line and on call to ensure everyone is as safe and that the estates are as clean as possible.”

The Mayor of Witham Cllr Clare Lager said, “On behalf of Witham Town Council I am absolutely delighted you have done so well in the vote and pleased that Witham Industrial Watch will thrive and continue their work.”

Priti Patel, who has consistently worked with WIW to support businesses in Witham said: “The vote in support of the BID by a huge margin means that WIW has another five year mandate to continue with its comprehensive programme of measures to support businesses that are based on the industrial estates in Witham. There is no doubt that WIW have established themselves as champions of our industrial estates and this latest BID vote recognises the excellent work they have been doing.  This is very much an ongoing project and I will continue to give WIW my full support.”

The new mandate will ensure the work of the WIW continues for another five years and we can build on our experience.  Thanks to everyone who has supported WIW in the preparation and voting process.  more later ....