ZC3 - Zero Carbon Commuting Conference - Online | 12/10/23

September 29, 2023

A fascinating looking online conference with an ambitious end goal to address.  As they say "information is power", so if you're looking at ways to improve the carbon footprint of your staff commutes, this really could be one way of shedding light on the options and opportunities to achieve it.

 ZC3 is the only UK online conference dedicated to decarbonising the commute. It is an opportunity to address the challenges and solutions around travelling to and from the workplace.  By supporting large employers across the public and private sector, the organisers, Mobilityways, hope to help organisations address their Scope 3 commuter emissions challenges, improve the viability of sustainable commuting alternatives and mitigate the impacts of climate change to make happier, stress-less commutes for all.

The conference welcomes a wide range of guest speakers with a comprehensive and varied schedule which will fill the day from 9.30am - 3.00pm.

Schedule Summary:

  • 09:30 AM - Opening Words
  • 09:45 AM - Delivering net zero transport in a political storm
  • 10:05 AM - The Department for Sustainable Commuting
  • 10:25 AM - Sustainable travel and the future of commuting: The mood of the nation
  • 10:45 AM - The impact of policy on large employers: What initiatives have helped, and what more can be done to further sustainable commuting?
  • 11:20 AM - There Is No Planet B
  • 12:05 PM - A Benefit-Led Approach to Behaviour Change
  • 12:15 PM - Commuting and health – how aspirational are healthcare staff and does it matter?
  • 12:35 PM - Are We Nearly There Yet? Three ways behavioural science can help us change travel and commuting behaviours.
  • 12:50 PM - Behaviour change in large organisations: Influencing people to commute sustainably
  • 02:05 PM - 3 train stations, no trains - a case study in Low Carbon Commuting
  • 02:20 PM - The Dutch Way
  • 02:50 PM - How organisations are innovating to reduce their commuter emissions


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