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As a leadi­ng IT recy­cling and ­asset Mana­gement Com­pany in th­e UK, ICEX­ Ltd offer­s a flexibl­e solution­ to IT ass­et managem­ent, envir­onmental c­ompliance ­and certif­ied data e­radication­.

ICEX have 19 years experience in providing expert IT equipment data cleansing and secure computer disposal solutions for our clients. Security and sustainability are at the heart of everything we do. We have continually improved our operation to ensure we provide a professional, easy-to-use range of IT recycling and e-waste services guaranteed by the highest levels of accreditation.

Throughout the process of recycling old or redundant computers, from initial enquiry, order progression, collection and processing, to follow-up documentation, and value recovery, we are available to offer expert advice and guidance.

We can help your business overcome the problems and risks that result from the need to recycle, renew or refresh IT.

ICEX Ltd­ is a cons­cientious ­team that ­prides its­elf on the­ care of o­ur clients­ and the e­nvironment­.


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Unit 3 Europa Park, Croft Way

Unit 3 Europa Park, Croft Way




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