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Home of qu­ality hand­made cakes­, high cla­ss patisse­rie and ex­ceptional ­biscuits. ­ We pride ­ourselves ­on the qua­lity of in­gredients ­and indivi­dual atten­tion that ­goes into ­each produ­ct. Our e­xperienced­ team make­ a vast ra­nge of pro­ducts on a­ daily bas­is for cus­tomers ran­ging from ­coffee sho­ps to five­ star hote­ls.

Tiptree Patisserie

01376 509 101

Tel: 01376 509 101

The Olympic Building, 24 Crittall Road

The Olympic Building, 24 Crittall Road





Our latest offers


A ‘new and exciting’ 2020 Corporate Gift Range

This range, new for this year, offers our carefully selected gifts, ideal for customers, business associates or simply as a token of appreciation for staff and friends.

We offer delivery to business addresses in Essex & Suffolk or alternatively, you can collect them directly from us.

If you wish to order, please call us on (01376) 509101 or email us at tiptreepatisseries@tiptree.com.

Please have your order placed by Tuesday 1st December to guarantee delivery, which is arranged when you place your order.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you the very best for the festive season and we look forward to being of service.

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Tp logo High tea


If you need extra space or a change of scenery why not bring your team / customers to our spacious meeting room.


We would be happy to provide you with food and refreshments whether it be coffee and cake or even a lunch buffet.


Why not take a break and throw some fun into your meeting by having a Gateaux making competition within our Patisserie.


Call Tina to discuss your requirements on 01376 509101.

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We currently have no vacancies.