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Velta Inte­rnational ­are a lead­ing UK bas­ed logisti­cs company­ providing­ a range o­f services­ for Inter­national f­reight for­warding, F­CL shippin­g, LCL con­solidation­ and Suppl­y Chain ma­nagement. As an AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) accredited company, with a dedicated HMRC compliance department, Velta offer the advantages of CFSP (Customs Freight Simplified Procedures) and a bonded 115,000 sq.ft warehouse and distribution facility. This broad range of services, along with an extensive network of partners throughout the globe, gives Velta powerful capabilities when it comes to organising and managing supply chains, so if you’re looking to capitalise on your organisation's cost efficiency and maximise sales, employing the vast experience and knowledge of Velta will help to get you there.

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One of the UK's leading freight and logistics companies, Velta offer an extensive range of services to cover your import, export and distribution and fulfilment requirements.

To see how you can save money in your supply chain, contact Velta for a free, no obligation supply chain audit.

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