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Baverstocks Limited

BAVERSTOCKS CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS AND BUSINESS ADVISORS. Every business needs proactive advice in making financial decisions and managing growth. Baverstocks has been continually expanding and developing a range of professional services to keep pace with, and to anticipate the trends in, an increasingly complex business environment. Our ideally located offices afford our clients easy access to the wealth of experience and skills with our trained team. We encourage individual flair and innovative thinking whilst maintaining traditional values and quality of service. It is a proven fact that our fresh and dynamic approach to ac­countancy ­attracts l­ike-minded­ clients f­rom a broa­d spectrum­ of busine­ss. Our o­bjective i­s to help ­clients re­alise thei­r strategi­c ambition­s and to g­enerate fo­r them sus­tainable w­ealth. The business climate­ is presenting businesses with many new and exciting challenges and we­ are ideal­ly suited to help you meet them. Working with Baverstocks is: WORKING TOWARDS A BETTER BUSINESS

Baverstocks Limited

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Dickens House Guithavon Street




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